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Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom. - Victor Frankl 


Ritu Advani is an Accredited, Trained and Licensed Consultant and Instructor for Mind Mapping and an ‘Advance iMind Maps’ Software Trainer. She has trained directly with Tony Buzan, the inventor of Mind Mapping, Chris Griffiths, CEO of "THINK BUZAN" and the "THINK BUZAN" team.


She conducts Mind Mapping Workshops for Corporates, Organizations, Entrepreneurs, Colleges, and Schools. Ritu has studied and worked in the United States and India.  She holds Seminars & Workshops as per the clientele requirements. She tailors her presentations to suit their needs.


Here is a short list of workshops that she has held :


  • Children’s Movement of Civic Awareness
  • Dalmia School ( Mira Road)
  • Nalanda Institute School for Learning Ability students
  • Queen Mary’s High School
  • H.R. College of Commerce and Economics
  • Indo American Society
  • Indian Merchant Chambers
  • Ficci – Flo 
  • Davars College
  • Tata Asset Management
  • Kanakia Spaces Pvt. Ltd. 
  • Private Tuition with  Professors in Maharashtra
  • Biostadt, Ajmal Perfumes India
  • Phorum Jewelers

She has held workshops for doctors, entrepreneurs, teachers, students and more.


Ritu is a certified instructor for Energia Well Being.


Energia Well Being provides products and services which are scientific applications of preventive, developmental and positive psychology. It provides assistance to children and young adults to understand and nurture their mental rhythm for learning and discovering. Energia has partnered with SOI (Structure of Intellect), a system designed to assess and improve intellectual skills for children and young adults. As a certified instructor, Ritu provides this service to schools, colleges or individual children or young adults.


Ritu is an NLP practitioner & counselor trained by Dr. Robert Cardhuff.

Ritu was the President of American Alumni Association, 2006 - 2007

Ritu was on the executive committee of Indo American Society

Ritu was the Chairperson for Women's Empowerment Committee


Education Details

Ritu went to school and college in Mumbai., India

She graduated from Sophia College. (B.A.), Mumbai, India

Travel and Tourism, Diploma, Boca Raton Florida

Interior and Environmental Design, ( U.C.L.A.) California


Career Deatils

  • Banking with Savings Institutions in the USA.
  • Travel & Tourism Consultant in Palm Beach, Florida & Los Angeles, California USA & Mumbai, (Travel & Tourism Education at Florida Atlantic University, Florida
  • Ritu studied Interior and Environmental Design at University of Los Angeles, UCLA, California. She has been practicing Interior Design for several years under the banner name of  Interior Ambiance 


Mind Design Workshops

  • Mind Mapping
  • One day Practitioners' Mind Mapping Course.
  • One day Practitioners' iMind Mapping Course
  • Communication Skills (Regular and Corporate)
  • Corporate Negotiation Skills
  • Creativity & Innovation Course
  • Mind Maps for Core Business Skills
  • Verbal Intelligence
  • Social Intelligence
  • Students' Study Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • “Grasp” the Solution

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