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Mind Mapping

Mind Map are “Flowers of Intelligence”. It is the reflection of How your Brain thinks. It is FOR the Brain, OF the Brain, & BY the Brain.

A Mind Map is designed to utilise these abundant brain skills by helping your brain to store and retrieve information effectively.

Mind Mapping is a “Thinking Tool”. An amazing idea & concept of visualizing with Your Mind Map. It is a Fun, Easy & Effective way of learning in these busy times.

Mind Maps have infinite applications for business, education and self development . In this ‘Age of Information & Intelligence’

Mind Mapping has been widely acknowledged in various parts of the world.. United Kingdom, United States of America, Hongkong, Denmark, Germany, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Mexico, Egypt, Dubai and now India.


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is Unique.Our priority is teaching children the skills they need for nurturing intellectual growth so that they can thrive on their own.

Energia-SOI provides opportunities to children to develop into confident, competent adults by strengthening important developmental areas.
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