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Mind Mapping

Mind Map

“QUOTE’- “I have so many ideas buzzing around in my head. How else could I capture all these mini inspirations,quickly, without the simplicity of Mind Mapping?” - Dominic O’’Brien, nine times World Memory Champion

Tony Buzan is the Inventor of Mind Mapping,a leading authority on creativity, memory and thinking. 

He is a bestselling author of over 120 books in several languages all over the worldwith sales totalling three million and counting 
He was named one of the world’s top 5 speakers in the world by Forbes magazine. 

Tony has acted as a consultant for companies including Microsoft, Walt Disney and HSBC, and to governments including England, Singapore, Mexico and Australia
Olympic coach. 


MIND MAPS have infinite applications for business, education and self development . Whatever your are doing, you can do better with a MIND MAP. There are over a 100 reasons to Mind Map.. I am able to mention a few of them.Some functions that can be improved drastically are:

  1. Some mentioned are in areas of: Human Resource  2.Training. 3.Design 5. Leadership 6.Management 7. Brainstorming 8.Revision 9.Project Management 10.Negotiations 11.Strategy 12. Risk Management 13.Communication 14.Creativity  15.Teaching  16.Memory  17.Concentration 18. Brainstorming 19.Solve problems, 20.Etc.

    Here's a few of our favourite new features!

    Presentations 3D Branch Target
    Fully customisable presentation builder with rotating transitions and 3D capability. Mind Maps in stunning 3D with collections of 3D images and environments. Our new quick draw branch target so you can draw different branch types fast.

    Presentations Presentations Presentations
    Incorporated flowcharts that you can combine with Mind Mapping on the same canvas. Feedback and collaboration made easy with our colour coded-comments system. One-click social sharing with Facebook and Twitter and our new online Viewer.


Companies /Organisations using Mind Maps


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Latest News

Business Training
Using Mind Maps and the iMindMap software provides a more effective approach to maximising your business potential. Whether you want to solve a problem, explore new ways of working, increase your productivity, develop your presentations or boost staff morale, enhance your range of opportunities with Mind Mapping. We offer a range of tailor-made courses to fit your precise needs. By providing unique solutions based around your organisation's core values, competencies, objectives and challenges, we believe that we can offer you flexible and pragmatic training ideal for any type of user. We are happy to design a specific course around your requirements or teach one of our standard courses to a group.


Education Training
Mind Maps have proved to be a simple but vital aid to learning, and have had amazing success in classrooms all over the world. Mind Maps can help students of all ages understand course material, boost memory and recall,
generate ideas, assist as a revision aid and help structure coursework. We will happily deliver training at your school, college or university and offer bespoke courses for your colleagues and / or students. Ideal for revision
sessions, inset days and parent open days. For more information simply get in touch with your requirements and we will happily provide you with a quote.


Personal Training
If you are looking for a way to help structure your personal world, to help you gain more time to do the things that you really want to, or would like to discover your creativity, we can help you realize the potential of
using Mind Maps Whether you want to schedule your family's week, start writing the novel you have always dreamed of, plan your wedding or an important event we can lead you to success. And deal better with your precious TIME


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