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Strategic Thinking via Mind Maps
@ DBS Heritage House
Prescott Road, Fort

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A DYSLEXIC point of view -The Key Benefits of Mind Mapping

  • Few words used or needed
  • Can (and should) use pictures and color
  • Encourages creativity (often a strength in dyslexics)
  • Helps develop thinking skills
  • Focuses learning
  • Flexibility in organizing and presenting work to demonstrate knowledge and understanding.
  • Allow people with very little written language to show their understanding
  • Encourage self confidence by demonstrating knowledge and understanding in an accessible way.
  • Allow students to ‘shine’ through their strengths and not being limited by their weaknesses.
  • Great for displays too (this can help the teacher and other students.
I heard Mr. Abelardo Gonzalez at TEDxGateway.. creator of Open Dyslexic Please see his website
Tony Buzan will do for the brain what Stephen Hawking did for the universe.-

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”"Wherever creativity goes - and, by extension, wherever talent goes - innovation and economic growth are sure to follow." -The Harvard Business Review


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