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( Training, creativity and Innovation ) with a branded realty management team.

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Ritu with Jack Canfield's " The Success Principles" Seminar held on April 12th, 2012

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Mind Map Workshop Conducted by Indo American Society

President of Indo American Society.

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workshop conducted by IMC

Indian Merchants' Chamber Workshop
President Darshana Doshi with Ritu
   At FICCI - FLO event " Build your Networth

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Atassh Consultants
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Dear Ritu.
At the outset, let me congratulate you for introducing me to Mind Mapping....
 Ila Deshpande Professor ILa Deshpande from Nagpur Law University.

" Mind Mapping is beneficial for Time Management due to Information Overload. Amongst its many other benefts."

"A fantastic way of remembering stacks of information"

- Dr. Pratima Rajan

Ritu with Chris Griffiths, CEO of " Think Buzan"

Mind Mapping , more than a methodology, is a philosophy of life
which leads you toward an excellent organizational culture.

- LEJANDRO CRISTERNA, President, Tecmilenio, Mexico
'' I think iMindMap is great! It is really helping me with the
revision for my upcoming exam''

- Anita Melendez
'' This is so much better than any Mind Mapping software i`ve ever seen.

- Phil Chambers, Mind Mapping World Champion

Ritu with Nalanda Foundation School Students
Nalanda Foundation - A special school for Learned Disability Students


  Karan Shah.   H.R. College for Commerce & Economics, Mumbai,

Dear Ms Ritu, It was our pleasure and privilege having you in our college, the students have enjoyed the Mind Mapping sessions and we would definitel plan further sessions. We will schedule the logistics at our end and get in touch with you. Thank you once again for the wonderful sessions.”


Study Skills

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News Briefs

A DYSLEXIC point of view -The Key Benefits of Mind Mapping

  • Few words used or needed
  • Can (and should) use pictures and color
  • Encourages creativity (often a strength in dyslexics)
  • Helps develop thinking skills
  • Focuses learning
  • Flexibility in organizing and presenting work to demonstrate knowledge and understanding.
  • Allow people with very little written language to show their understanding
  • Encourage self confidence by demonstrating knowledge and understanding in an accessible way.
  • Allow students to ‘shine’ through their strengths and not being limited by their weaknesses.
  • Great for displays too (this can help the teacher and other students.
I heard Mr. Abelardo Gonzalez at TEDxGateway.. creator of Open Dyslexic Please see his website
Tony Buzan will do for the brain what Stephen Hawking did for the universe.-

The Times
”"Wherever creativity goes - and, by extension, wherever talent goes - innovation and economic growth are sure to follow." -The Harvard Business Review


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